VGTel, Inc.

VGTel, Inc. is a multi-platform company offering products and support in the entertainment industry and is focused on a strategy of growing and building business units through investments and acquisitions.

Digital 4K Film Solutions

The movies will be scanned from 15/70mm film to an 8K digital format and then downscaled to 4K and distributed for UHD broadcast and theatrical distribution.

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Our Films

Four times the resolution of "HD," 4K UHD will be the new standard for television / home viewing. Most of these titles were originally shot in 15/70MM and other ultra high resolution formats suitable for IMAX / Giant Screen theaters, and have been digitally scanned at 4K or higher resolution. Since they were captured in higher than 4K resolution, when viewed in 4K UHD they look especially crisp and vibrant.

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